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Music plays in the style of 1970-80 1980-90 Quick Overview: Radiomir broadcasts live radio broadcast songs and music of legendary artists and bands such as: Alla Pugacheva, "Pesnyary", "Resurrection", "The Secret", "Gems","Bravo", "Flowers", Sofia Rotaru,"Singing guitar", "A-Studio", "Siabry", "Eduard Khil", "Yalla", "Anna Veski, "Iberia", Rosa Rymbaeva, "Time Machine" and many others. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Mir.
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Radio MIR - Russian commercial station that broadcasts in Moscow cable networks"Acad", and many cities of Russia and abroad.
Listen to radio online can MYR everyone, but the station to catch a wave with your receiver, but Russia can in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

The format of the popular wave of"world"that wins the hearts of his audience under the slogan"The first good radio", described as"a modern radio for adults", ie SOFT AC. On air radio you can listen to MIR as a composition of 70-80 years and the brand new hits. The vast number of songs that sound good on the air waves belong to the Soviet and Russian performers, making it unique in its own way for the average listener CIS.

Age group radio listeners MYR 16 + - but more people over 30 listen to the broadcast, because they were born in the Soviet Union and raised on the songs of legendary singers and groups such as Alla Pugacheva"Pesnyary","Resurrection,""Secret""gems","Bravo","flowers", Sofia Rotaru,"Singing Guitar","A-Studio","Siabry", Eduard Khil, "Yala", Anne Veski,"Iberia", Rose Rymbaeva,"The Time Machine" and many others.
In addition to the musical part of the broadcast radio listening MIR also always fun and enjoyable interesting and entertaining information and cognitive copyright transfer talented local presenters.

The largest number of students at their receivers collect the following programs:"In your midday", "speaks and sings in Yerevan", "Tree of Friendship", "ABC Charity", "Pioneer zorka","History of familiar tunes","Stories of history"program at the request of students' With all my heart","morning Post"and many others. Also radio peace in his speech not forget to familiarize students with the main news in peace, weather, horoscopes .

Cities and the frequency at which you can catch a wave and listen to the radio world:
Bratsk FM 100.7
Kemerovo FM 87.6
Stavropol FM 98.7
Ulan -Ude FM 105.5
Orenburg 106.8
Naberezhnye Chelny FM 91.6
Smolensk FM 103.1
Vladikavkaz FM 91.6
Barnaul FM 90.2
Nevinnomyssk FM 94.6
Ryazan FM 106.3
Saransk FM 106.8
Chernohorsk FM 87.8
Balykchi FM 105.6
Karakol FM 91.1
Bishkek FM 87.5
Bijsk FM 90.8
Taganrog FM 105.9
Murmansk FM 89.5
Leninsk - Kuznetsk FM 100.8
Rybinsk FM 107.4
Novocherkassk FM 91.5
Chita FM 106.1

Listen online radio MIR with us - the best online radio portal - always handy, easy and completely free. Listen to his adored radio online on and enjoy music.

02.12.2021 Radio Mir Moscow — RU
Слухати Радіостанція Мир - українською
Слушать Radio Mir - на русском

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