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Quick Overview: Listen to anime music komikku. Anime Layer broadcasts tunes and songs of Japanese anime, manga and Korean drama. All music from animated films: background, themes, screensavers, sound effects. If you like listening to the music of Japanese and Korean comics, then turn on the sound louder, and enjoy the best tracks from the animation of the same name. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Anime Layer.
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Anime Layer online radio

Fresh tracks from comics for all connoisseurs of this musical art. Radio station of the popular thematic community. Coming from Russia, our radio supports and pleases listeners with a variety of big-eyed music. Completely immerse you in an atmosphere dedicated to anime, manga and generally colorful pop culture from Japan and Korea. Listen on the air anime: background music and music themes, bright sound effects and of course screensavers in live broadcast of Internet radio.
Anime OST's, J-Rock, J-Pop — AnimeLayer

Subgenres of anime:

  • Maho-Shodze
  • Furs (scientific subgenre)
  • Supernatural
  • Etty
  • Shonen ah
  • Yuri
  • Hentai
  • Yaoi
  • Seinen
  • Josei
  • Harem
  • Post-apocalyptic (science fiction)
  • Romance
  • and others.

Anime Layer radio Russia
Listen Anime Layer radio online. Good sound quality 128 kb/s. Interesting musical compilation of anime tracks. The entire animation world on Bestradio.FM - choose, run and ears substitute.

Contacts of the radio station:
Country Russia

24.06.2022 Radio Anime AniSon FM — RU
Слухати Аніме Лаєр - українською
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