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Music plays in the style of dance 1990 2000 New-Year Blues Jazz Quick Overview: Monte Carlo radio broadcasts aired positive and slow dance music hits of foreign artists, as well as in small quantities, pop songs by popular artists of recent years. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Monte-Carlo radio.
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Description Monte-Carlo radio

Radio Monte Carlo ( Russia) - part of the old international radiobrenda, which was founded in Europe in the middle of the last century.
Listen radio Monte Carlo in Moscow can be at a frequency of 102.1 MHz from 14 February 2000. The first broadcast was made composition Madonna «Ray of Light».
Also Muscovites enjoy music in wave of popular FM-band are in St. Petersburg, Syzran, Kaliningrad, Balakovo and Rostovм. Since 2011 he is also satellite broadcasting.

The music format of all time broadcasting radio Monte Carlo changed several times. Nowadays you can hear the songs Format Soft AC: slow foreign hits, and, in a little pop songs by popular artists of recent years and dance music. Patriotic music industry in the air is completely absent.
In addition to the musical content, in different cities of broadcasting popular variety of transmission of information and entertainment.

In his receivers you can listen to live radio Monte Carlo in:
Vladivostok - 105.7 MHz
Kaliningrad - 100.9 MHz
Moscow - 102.1 MHz
Rostov - 103.7 MHz
Tbilisi - 101.4 MHz

Also, Radio Monte Carlo annually suit your event. On the last Saturday of May in Moscow are "racing Grand Prix Radio Monte Carlo" and autumn ceremony in the most current club season «Top X Sexy».

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Contacts Radio Montecarlo
Email :
Country: Russia
Address: 3rd Horoshevskaya, d.12, Moscow, 123298,
Fax: +7 (495) 956-1360
Phone : +7 (495) 232-1636

02.12.2021 Radio MonteCarlo — RU
Слухати Монте-Карло радіо - українською
Слушать Monte-Carlo radio - на русском

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