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Music plays in the style of pop dance Quick Overview: Yunost radio broadcast broadcast quality music Russian and foreign artists, and current youth programs about the world of cinema, music, fashion and trends in the world of dance program New Dance Hit, modern remixes of popular songs in the Classic Sound, charts Uni-Hit Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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YUFM Radio / Yunost Radio
Yunost Radio - one of the few public stations in Russia, which first sounded the call sign in the range of more October 16, 1962.
After 15 years of work, in 1987, on the third button, a new all-union radio transmission was already popular radio titled"Yunost"channel, which later became the only chance for survival and space stations in the FM-band.

Since 1991, the radio can listen Yunost frequency 68,84 MHz in Moscow, as well as more than 50 regional frequencies and satellite packages in Russian language programs.
At the radio station listeners can enjoy high quality music as Russian and foreign performers and current Yunost programs about the world of cinema, music, fashion, famous personalities, etc.

In 2008, the leaders decided to make the Yunost Radio rebranding its station and change its format. In particular, it changed the name to YUFM radio, as well as added to his musical ether more Yunost and dance music to attract a younger audience, more relevant information and opinion programs and much more.
Something, of course, heads left from the old Yunost. So, online radio YUFM and could not leave the popular show"Field Post Office"which sounded here more than 40 years.

Yunost listen to their radio receivers in these cities ( and frequencies fm) :
Abakan FM 67,67
Aginskoe FM 71,93
Anadyr FM 100,5
Arkhangelsk FM 102,0
Astrakhan FM 68,48
Barnaul FM 72,68
Birobidzhan FM 105,3
Vladivostok FM 89,8
Vologda FM 70,70
Terrible FM 69,17
Ivanovo FM 67,28
Irkutsk FM 105,0
Yoshkar-Ola FM 68,66
Kemerovo FM 69,44
Kirov FM 69,92
Kudymkar FM 66,41
Kyzyl FM 69,08
Lipetsk FM 71,24
Magadan FM 103,5
Maikop FM 67,10
Moscow FM 68,84
Murmansk FM 66,02
Naryan-Mar FM 68,84
Island ( Murmansk ) FM 106,1
Petrozavodsk FM 102,2
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky FM 102,0
Pskov 71,99
Sochi (Krasnodar) FM 72,71
Tambov 73.61
Tomsk 68,00
Khabarovsk FM 71,24
Chita 69.08
Yaroslavl 69.56

From the "newcomer" is worth noting Shows: hourly trends in the world of dance music program New Dance Hit, modern remixes of popular songs in Classic Sound, charts Uni - Hit etc.

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YUFM or Yunost Radio - RadioUnost - Юність
Contacts :
Country: Russia
Telephone numbers: + 7 ( 495) 953-42-12

19.02.2022 Radio Yunost — RU
Слухати Радіо Юність - українською
Слушать Yunost radio - на русском

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