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Music plays in the style of Rock dance pop Quick Overview: Metro station broadcasts music - a brand new song from the international and domestic artists and always popular hits such as pop, rock and dance. You like to listen to the Metro line? Then press and listen to your favorite music - from pop and rock and dance ending. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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METRO - St. Petersburg radio station, began broadcasting in the year 2001. First wave callsign sounded named Gardarika FM, later the founders changed the name to Studio, and only then - on the radio METRO.
Popularity in St. Petersburg station came almost instantly. In just one year on the air FM- band radio to listen to METRO began, many residents of Leningrad region and the unprecedented wave of ratings rose, lifting it up to three leaders in the region.

Innovation radio station and its rapid growth in St. Petersburg could not be seen by the annual awards ceremony of the sphere. So, in 2002 Metro Radio received the award "Best media debut of the year " on the popular ceremony of "master key", and also won second place in the category "Best Radio Station of the Year".

On the radio, you can listen to music Metro completely different styles and ages. Here twist as popular hits, and brand new compositions of world and domestic performers. In stylistic aspects here too there are everything from pop music to rock and dance music. It is this genre palette and became one of the keys to the popularity wave of a supernova almost all St. Petersburg youth.
Besides the music filling the ether, are also present regular newscasts world and domestic news agencies, as well as fashionable and original copyright transfer.

The most popular among radio listeners METRO enjoys daily evening musical program "Free Zone" and its leading Diana Pylaeva Igor Tsarev, Valeria Brik and Klaus Manson.

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