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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Rocks radio broadcast to all his listeners translates as hits, passed the test of time, from the legendary stars of the music industry and developing songs, and young performers just starting career in the world of rock. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Roks 102.2 FM.
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Radio Rocks - the first commercial radio station, which first began broadcasting in St. Petersburg in FM-band in the days of the Soviet Union - in 1990. Since 1992, the station available for residents of the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv.
Listen Radio Rocks in St. Petersburg can be at a frequency of 102.0 FM. Today the station's coverage map includes many cities in Russia and abroad.

The music format radio station, as you can guess from its name - an exceptional rock. On Radio Rocks can hear how the hits that have passed the test of time, from the legendary stars of the music industry and songs of young artists who have already lighted in their community or just starting career in the world of the year. You twist everything - from the Queen, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Deep Purple to REM, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Green Day, etc.

Listen to radio online and Rocks via radio features, please clock seven days a week.
Also, according to radio DJs in a stream are allowed only music of the highest quality recording without using any compressed format. That is, on Radio Rocks listen you'll only records from licensed rigid media or digital audio quality.
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Roks radio - Radio Rocks
Country: Russia
Registered address: Avenue Apothecary bud.6
Kontaktnye phone : +7 ( 812) 718-35-88

19.02.2022 Radio Roks — RU
Слухати Рокс радіо RU - українською
Слушать Roks 102.2 FM - на русском

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