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The radio station "Umax FM" has ceased its broadcasting or existence, so it is in the ARCHIVES section.
Radio Umax FM - holds broadcast from Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The radio station you can listen to entertainment programs, fun humor, funny stories and a lot of positive mood.
Radio Umax Fm - maximum for you.

Excellent, selected dance compositions are heard in rotation on radio mixes and remixes as well as the music that makes podtantsovyvat in rhythm. On the Umax FM wave sounds English and Russian tracks. Also sounds interesting charts that you hear Dance Show Dancekraft, dance instruction sets than DJs.

Umax FM radio listening online free now live.

Contact radio Umax Fm:
Country: Kazakhstan
City: Shymkent
Ind. 160008
Tel .: +77 01 799-30-69

01.04.2018 Radio Umax FM — KZ
Слухати Юмакс ФМ - українською

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