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The radio station "Orfey" has ceased its broadcasting or existence, so it is in the ARCHIVES section.
"Radio Orfey" - Crimean commercial radio station, the coverage radius which covers only warm and beautiful Yalta Theodosius.
To listen to FM Orfey on their radios, set the frequency 103,4 FM ( Feodosia) and 105,1 FM ( Yalta).
Radio expanses radio Orfey wins under the slogan "Music of your heart". Musical part of the radio ether is filled with dancing and popular compositions of youth music, preferring club styles, rock and pop music. Despite the fact that radio is Orfey Crimean radio, most of the musical ether occupy songs of Ukrainian artists and bands.

Besides music content in the air can also listen to Orfey variety of information and educational programs, news reports about the main events on the peninsula cities of broadcasting in the country and the world, shows and more.
Among the most popular programs is worth noting such as "Legends of Rock-n- Roll'a" and "monsters of rock prices", "Gallery of literary detectives", "Dreamland, Rejoice", "Brief pedigree of ordinary things", "Secrets of Feng Shui every day", "My Crimea", "Teenagers music box", "Musical movie hit" as well as many others.

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16.10.2017 Radio Orfey — UA
Слухати Орфей - українською

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