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The radio station "Equator FM" has ceased its broadcasting or existence, so it is in the ARCHIVES section.
Equator is a Ukrainian radio station FM hails from the city of Cherkasy region Shpola. You can listen to the broadcast on the territory of Ukraine using analogue radio or Internet radio online.

Broadcasting carried out at a frequency of 100.8 MHz.

What is the slogan of the radio waves?
"Equator FM" - Warm radio.

What music is in the air? What music format radio station Ekvator fm?
Look in the wake of the Equator: rock hits, contemporary music for adults (persons 20-45 years of age.) And popular songs, as well as easy chanson.

Always hot and catchy music will lift your mood when listening. EkvatorFM this warm wave for your soul - Listen radio Equator, it means to be mentally warmed good hit melodies.

News broadcasts shown on the "Equator FM":
News releases come out from Monday to Friday at 7:00, 9:00, 10:00, 12:00, 15: OO, 16: OO 17: OO, 19:30
Sports News from Mon., For stains., 19:30
On the news in Cherkassy region, Ukraine and the world, you will learn to release a (Mon-Fri) 20: OO.
We start the morning with a good :) - horoscopes at 8 am
"Once upon a time" - 9:20 and 17:20 is the program about the events that occurred that day.
"Ola-La" - 15:20 fresh and extravagant - News in the world of show business.
All about cars - listen to the "auto industry" that goes on weekdays 8: 2O and 16: 2O.
All of the club culture you learn listening to Friday «Dance Planet» - 22:30 (Fri) Program of club life.
Top hit songs will be performed on Saturday at the "radio Ekvator" program "Radio Chart Top 40"
Listen to the program can be in sb. «Selector» - 22:00

16.11.2022 Equator FM — UKR
Слухати Екватор FM - українською

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