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The radio station "Jesus radio" has ceased its broadcasting or existence, so it is in the ARCHIVES section.

Evangelical Radio Jesus

Listen to the religion of the broadcast. Radio broadcasts around the clock throughout Russia. Learn how to find the way to the Lord. Religious music and programs.

Programs on the radio:

About the church on the radio JESUS.
What is the church and its great commission to people. Learn the detailed difference between the universal and the local church. Understanding for a Christian how to be not lost among a multitude of faiths and churches, the ability to create and develop spiritual understanding, to be on the vine fed by God. General understanding of the personal character in conjunction with the mission, and the conduct of the church. God's ministry is the realization and touch. Preventing and overcoming inner rebellion and how dangerous it is for your self-understanding.
We study the thoughts of God

Obedience to a pastor or obedience to God, what are the differences between them? A great understanding of the vocation of church structure is important in order to take the right place as a servant and participant and fulfill God's mission.

Information from the radio about Christ and the person.

On the creation of man and the possible results of the fall. The mission of the Son of God and his ascension in the formation and perfection. How to become the bearer of the perfect nature of the power of God on earth, when sin and corruption enter consciousness. Our spirit, soul and body must work together according to God's plan. Why God commanded to keep the heart and how dangerous the non-fulfillment of this commandment. The optimal way out of stagnation and not perfection, the way of becoming and personal growth.

Jesus and Evil.

About information understanding of the spiritual world and how to show perception
The study of the spiritual world and its manifestations in human reality. Manifestation of evil and its origins. Perception of the laws of power on earth and in the spiritual world opens the possibility for man to manage conditions and receive protection. Removal of demons and spiritual purification as possessing the tools of God's power. The nature of man pushes him into problems and separates him from the blessings of God. The importance of studying the desert in the example of Jesus Christ. Determine the right relationship to testing and life challenges. On the laws for mankind, the blessing and cursing of God. Who is subject to the blessing of Abraham.

Radio Jesus listen online. Live broadcast of the radio station.

Radio contacts:
Country: Russia, St. Petersburg
Vyborg Highway 505
8 (800) 551-30-05
Sergey Timokhin

03.09.2019 Radio Jesus St. Petersburg — RU
Слухати Ісус радіо - українською

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