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Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll 1960-70 Quick Overview: The only radio station of its kind in Poland, playing only the best rock, both foreign and domestic. From classics to artists of the younger generation. From The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to Florence And The Machine, Jack White and Coldplay. And on top of all this, there is a lot of Polish rock and a huge dose of positive energy and good humor performed by, among others, Kuba Voevodski and Piotr Kedziorski. On the radio, every hour you can also hear the latest news of the country and the Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Rock Radio Polska.
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Description Rock Radio Polska

Rock Radio Polska

History of Rock Radio Polska

The beginning of the Rock Radio station dates back to 2005, when Agora launched a radio station branded Roxy FM, broadcasting music and cultural programs. Since January 2014, the radio station has slightly changed its character and musical repertoire and has been operating under the name Rock Radio ever since.

They say that real rock is long dead... and meanwhile Rock radio is the best example that things are going well for him! At the station you can hear not only the classics of the genre, but also young performers who adequately replace them. This is also proven daily by station managers, including Kuba Voevodsky, Piotr Kendzersky and Timon Tymansky. They - mainly due to their unusual and specific approach to reality with humor - attract a group of loyal listeners, while promoting real rock.

Rock Radio creates a network of radio stations broadcasting throughout the country.

Current radio frequencies:

  • Warsaw 103.7 FM,
  • Krakow 103.8 FM,
  • Silesia and Zaglenbie 94.5 FM,
  • Wroclaw 106.1 FM,
  • Opole 106.6 FM,
  • Poznań 105.4 FM
  • Bydgoszcz 103.5 FM.

Rock Radio Polska shows

On weekdays, Peter Kendziersky and Timon Tymansky start the morning on Rock Radio with the program “Ranne Kakao”. This program is a combination of great music and sharp wit, and most importantly - a solid dose of positive energy, which lasts until the evening. In turn, for fans of competitions Rock-Radio - led by Monika Piasetskaya - has prepared a program "Say at least a word ...". T-shirts, CDs and concert tickets are waiting for attentive and insightful listeners at each meeting. And all this for the sake of one word, cut out of the programs "Ranne Cocoa" and "The Prince and the Pauper." But Rock Radio isn't just about entertainment. It is also a daily portion of information, competitions and interesting facts from the world of music, which is provided by the leaders of "Propoganda". However, every weekend, two-wheelers find their home in the World of Motorcycles program.

You can listen to the radio live on the website of our BestRadio service, as well as in the Rock Radio mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Radio contacts

AgoraRadio Group
Country: Poland
City: Warsaw
Index: 00-732
Street Cherskaya 8/10

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