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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: TOK FM - live radio. Listen to understand. It is the first and only news radio in Poland, which provides the latest information and expert commentary from the world of politics, economics and culture on a daily basis. This is a socially shaping station, the main task of which, in accordance with the slogan "Listen to understand", is to systematize and comment on reality, as well as broadcast current events in the country and the world in an accessible form. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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The station appeared on the Polish media market in March 1998. Initially, the station was called Inforadio and broadcast mainly news. The change in the format and brand of the radio station took place at the end of 1998, when Agora SA became a co-owner of the company. Like TOK FM, the radio focused not only on the information itself, but also began to introduce elements of comments and opinions. Completely new groups have emerged in which top-level journalists comment on reality and express their own opinions, as well as communicate with politicians and experts in various fields.

Gear List

The radio broadcasts information TOK FM every 20 minutes - an up-to-date information service with news from Poland and the world. In addition, the radio program is filled with current programs and thematic magazines hosted by many renowned journalists, including Janina Paradowska, Dominika Velowijska, Piotr Krasko, Jacek Zakowski, Mikołaj Lizut and Piotr Najštub.

The flagship program of TOK FM is "Morning", which discusses the most important political, social and cultural events of the country and the world. Every day the program is hosted by different journalists, including Dominika Wielowiejska, Jacek Zakowski and Piotr Kraska, who discuss current topics with invited politicians, experts and journalists. But TOK FM is not only serious information. There will also be room for listeners expecting programs of a slightly more free character. Every day from 5 am, Petr Maslak invites you to the "First Breakfast at the TOK", where there is no shortage of ironic, but very accurate comments, press reviews and conversations with interesting guests. On the other hand, every Monday Piotr Naishtub describes the Polish reality in a very characteristic and unusual way.

Radio TOK FM current broadcast frequencies

Białystok (93.9 FM), Czestochowa (95.8 FM), Elblag (89.2 FM), Gdansk (97.8 FM), Gdynia (95.2 FM), Gorzow Wielkopolski (87.9 FM), Elbląg (89.2 FM). Katowice (97.4 FM), Kielce (94.9 FM), Krakow (102.9 FM), Lublin (93.8 FM), Lodz (97.4 FM), Opole (96.9 FM), Plock ( 101.2 FM), Poznań (97.7 FM), Radom (104.0 FM), Szczecin (99.3 FM), Torun (88.2 FM), Warsaw (97.7 FM) and Wroclaw (95, 8FM). On the website www.bestradio.fm, a live Internet broadcast of the Radio is available.
Radio ТОК FM
TOK FM is a radio station aimed at listeners who are looking for reliable information and want to expand their knowledge through competent and meaningful journalism. The radio covers interesting and bold topics, and in the name of the slogan "First Information Radio" does not bypass the difficult topics that divide society. And the way they are presented - extremely professionally, transparently and only in some cases a little sarcastically - makes each listener understand the surrounding reality.

Radio contacts TOK FM

Country: Poland
City: Warsaw
st. Cherska 8/10
Tel: +48-22-444-40-64

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