Radio Zum 93.3 FM Republic of Moldova

Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Popular singers of Moldova and Romania, as well as European popular performers. The Moldovan commercial radio broadcast popular music sounds. Radio Contact: Mail: Tel. advertisers: + 373 22 078-879-948 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Zum 93.3 FM.
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Description Radio Zum 93.3 FM

"Radio Zum" - a popular Moldovan radio station. It conducts its broadcast of Chisinau. broadcast frequency 93,3FM. Zoom Listen radio online, live sound popular songs Moldovan and Romanian, as well as Turkish and European artists, newscasts, pop music.

The transceiver supports the holding of mass entertainment. We are a partner of the Moldovan-classical music festival "Crescendo".

"Radio Zum" Chisinau listen online.

Listen to Radio Zum Chisinau live radio stations, the Moldovan foreign hits on the radio wave. Musical composition listen to good sound quality 128 kb/s.

Songs of performers that you will hear on the radio online Zoom:

One dance - Koniu feat Malone
Balance - The Him feat Oktavian
Mare Caldura - Connect-R feat Pacha Man
Love Dose (Liciano Remix) - Argy (electronic dance music)
Come to me - Sound DeepArtment
Fortless - Illenium (melodic bass)
Paralized - Paul Mayson feat John Quarles
Take care of You - Saje (French duo from Paris)
and many other pop music.

"Zum" Radio listening online free popular songs heard on the radio wave from Chisinau is now live and in good quality. Radio online free listen -

29.05.2021 Radio Zum 93.3 FM - Republic of Moldova
Слухати Радіо ЗУМ - українською
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