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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Plus listen to Europe and Moldova - this popular wave broadcasts hot popular songs and the best contemporary hits live broadcasts from Chisinau. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Europa Plus MD.
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"Europa Plus" - one of the largest radio broadcasting in Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova. In the latter country callsigns this popular wave first heard shortly after the launch of the ether in Russia itself, which allowed local residents to enjoy the hits already in the mid 90s. Listen radio Europa Plus in Chisinau can be FM-band frequency range of 106.4 MHz.

Listening to broadcast stations Moldovan hard not to notice many similarities with the other waves of the same name in other countries. Listen to your favorite music on Europe, here sounds fresh music from international artists with Grok and popular names are known to the whole world, as well as Russian-speaking artists who create for the domestic audience.

 Hot AC and CHR - these two are intertwined in music format Europa Plus Air Moldova. This means that its frequency, you can listen to the hottest songs and the best adult contemporary hits, whose popularity is not limited to the territorial boundaries of the state and yardsticks.
Despite the musical content, which is almost identical in all countries where broadcasting Europe plus, differences still occur. So, the radio station of Moldova can listen to local news, transfer Moldovan authors and presenters, competitions and, of course, local advertising.
 A decent amount of their gear does not exclude Russian translation programs that and Moldova have very high ratings.
Europa Plus listen to online from Moldova you can on our portal, which is a leader in the CIS by the number of stations of the world, gathered in one place for free listening. Listen to your favorite internet radio and your favorite hits with Europe!


20.10.2017 Europa Plus MD
Слухати Європа Плюс - Молдова - українською
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