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Music plays in the style of 1960-70 1970-80 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: Radio 7 - radio from Chisinau, all students will learn, because live broadcasts radio waves examples of the best music and songs of the 20th century, from the incendiary Italo disco, pop songs of American, British, French singers - Retro. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio 7 MD.
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"Radio 7" - known radio station, began broadcasting in Russia back in 1993. After almost eight years, in April 2001, she gave up its network and the country Moldova.

From that time to listen to Radio 7 residents of the capital - the city of Chisinau - may Speakers their radios. Frequency of broadcast waves is popular FM- scale range at around 102.5 MHz. In addition to the capital's music lovers to enjoy ether popular station may in another city in the country - Balti frequency 101,5 FM.

Long-term interest of the listeners to the station's frequency is not accidental, because it really is worth the attention broadcast quality music lovers. On Radio 7 listen to popular hits of the 20th century, among which everyone will find something nice for yourself : incendiary Italo disco, pop songs of American, British, French, and not just singers. In addition to the songs of the golden age of the music industry, the music live local DJs takdzhe there is a place for brand new hits, conquering the world's most renowned charts as well as the best songs of artists in recent years.

Thus, the music filling station is appealing to different age categories of students that hand and she and her advertisers.
Of course, as befits an international name with waves, radio 7 can also listen to a lot of information and content. So, go here regularly fresh news items that affect all aspects of life in the country and the world, interactive programs and contests, entertainment and educational programs, talk shows and more.
Listen to the radio 7 online you can on our portal free and without registration. Listen to your favorite station and enjoy your mood!

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