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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: On radio Fresh FM versed in dance music industry, and are regularly obtained many interactive, informative and entertaining programs, making the station more interesting for a wide variety of listeners.
Fresh FM (Chisinau).
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Description Fresh FM (Chisinau)

Фреш ФМ Кишинев Fresh FM - one of the most popular Moldovan radio stations, which puts the focus in your daily live on dance music. Listen Fresh FM Chisinau inhabitants can, catching a wave of 105.9 MHz on your radio.

 Besides the capital, the popular youth wave is also available for residents of other cities in this small country. Thus, the frequency of their dance station has the following locations : Lipkany (101.7MHz), New Aneny (103.4MHz), Glodeani (98.4MHz), Cantemir (102.4MHz), Taraclia (107.0MHz). The wave has a fairly strong signals that it allows you to hear its call letters almost the entire territory of the country.

 The musical content of Fresh FM meet the standards that are held by the majority of the live dance-stations. In order not to offend the musical tastes of his listeners are produced here just a little bit. Speaking of culinary terms, local chefs are thrown into the pot a little bit of musical ether electronics, trance, house, seasoning with this exquisite dish popular dubstep, drum-n-bass and other popular areas of dance music. Here you can listen to the news of DJs from around the world, as well as the latest hits local sound producers.
Of course, the musical part does not put a point on the broadcast station Fresh FM.

In addition to the winding tracks, here you can regularly hear news items, which, although they are accented by dance-music industry, but also affect the social aspects of life. There is also regularly published a variety of interactive, educational and entertaining programs, making the station more interesting for a variety of audiences.

Fresh FM listen online, you can on our website at any time and anywhere in the world and absolutely free and even without registration. Indulge in a dose of high-quality music on your favorite wave on the Internet. Have fun with us!

20.10.2017 Fresh FM - MD
Слухати Фреш ФМ - українською
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