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Music plays in the style of 1980-90 1990 2000 pop Quick Overview: Radio from Chisinau with a lovely name Aquarelle FM was specially created for beautiful women and has salient characteristics of femininity musical ether. Live easy to hear the songs and pop music in recent years, from foreign and domestic performers. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Aquarelle FM Chisinau.
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Aquarelle FM - young Moldovan radio station began broadcasting in June 2010. The station is a commercial and part of the holding Aquarelle.

Listen to radio Aquarelle in Chisinau can set up regular radio frequency 90.7 MHz, as you can imagine from the name, in the FM-band.

To the question "What is the uniqueness of the wave", most of the fairer sex Moldova answer the same - it's the only radio and present for women in the country.
And indeed, Aquarelles created and maintains its broadcasting specifically for the beautiful half of humanity, bringing the masses European lifestyle of a successful business woman. It is this feature and left a positive mark on the power station, which is just a few years has become one of the most popular in the country and its capital.

Their product quality is really doing here, because behind the creators already considerable experience with a potential audience - women. In addition to radio stations in the Aquarelle holding consists of several companies with extensive experience in the market of robots, including publication for business women Business Class and a women's magazine, whose name coincides with the name of the holding company.

Returning to the station in a hurry to notify interested women is that here you can hear all the most current news from the world of fashion, show business, as well as more serious industries that are interested, as is commonly believed, man.

In addition to many opinion programs which lead here also serve women on radio Aquarelle (Moldova), you can listen to the most popular music in recent years, the authors of which serve both foreign and local artists. Still a lot of airtime here give music 90s and 80s of the last century.

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