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Music plays in the style of pop Quick Overview: Listen Muzfm (last Prime FM) locals can using the radio frequency 88.0 MHz in the FM band. Also their frequency station has 7 major cities Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Previously, the radio station with the name of Prime FM (Prime FM) changed its name to "Muzfm" (Muzfm) - one of the most popular commercial radio stations Moldova. Its broadcasting wave leads from the city of Chisinau. Listen to Prime FM locals can using radio frequency of 88.0 MHz on the FM band. Also, the station has its own frequency in 7 major cities across the country, making it possible to enjoy the ester almost the entire territory of a small state.

We, the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, and all those who came to the page 's largest Internet portal, can listen MuzFM online absolutely free from anywhere in the world, a hand reached out to at least one provider.

On the radio MuzFm
Now available for us to broadcast station, founded in 2010, which pleases the listeners music - the best hot hits of recent years foreign performers. A small percentage of the music broadcast on Muzfm give a local stage, but the composition of the most popular Western artists still hold the upper hand and dominate the frequency of the wave.

It should be noted that although the radio was discovered only a few years ago, the leading voice and his concept familiar to the inhabitants of Moldova have long. The concern is that the earlier Prime FM station was called Antena C and existed on the territory of the country from 1998 to 2010, after which the management has decided to re-brand and partially change the concept and in 2013 the name was changed again to a new Muzfm [/ b]. But a team of the station remained virtually the same lineup, who also worked with most of its origins.

Guys are constantly communicating with the audience, taking applications of congratulations grant wishes music fans by releasing the latest hits on request, conduct contests, arrange online games, etc. In addition to the above, [b]listen to Moose FM radio online
- it's always being updated with the latest news of different subjects and, of course, enjoy a variety of local opinion programs.

20.10.2017 MuzFM Moldova
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