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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: On the radio sounds sensual rumba music, full of passion and emotion that will appeal to everyone. In radyohvyli "Rumba" work best presenters that are selected for you only the best of Latin music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Rumba Espaсa.
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Latin music is played live RumbaRumba 99.9 Rumba 99.9 ( Rumba ) - is undoubtedly one of the most popular radio stations that broadcast Latin music. Listen Rumba 99.9 need in a good relaxed mood.
This radio received its name from the eponymous pair of Cuban dance, the hallmark of which is smooth tempting erotic movement, combined with rhythmic strides.

The air you hear Rumba 99.9 «Guantanamera», which was written Zhozeito Fernandes and became classics of the dance, and other hits, in which sensual rumba repeatedly raised : «When the blue bird sings», «Cantinero de Cuba», «Reflection " Christina Aguilera,« Mañana »,« Don't Know Why » Norah Jones and many songs performed by Gipsy Kings.

Radio Rumba 99.9 will not only listen to people whose lives are connected with dancing. It sounds sensual music, full of passion and emotion that will appeal to everyone. In the wake of the best presenters are that you only have to select which account is a Latin American music.
Among Latin music There are several varieties of it, depending on the region where it originated : Brazilian, Andean, Mexican, Caribbean, Central American and Argentine. In the wake of Rumba 99.9 you can hear in most of the Caribbean music being performed in Portuguese and Spanish.

The musical content is just one nice part of this station. Its air held entertainment, shows and competitions, friendly hosts - who just will not let you get bored.
Favorite channel Rumba 99.9 you can listen along with us, for utility radiportali It sounds quality music just for you!

07.01.2020 Radio Rumba Espaсa
Слухати Румба музика - українською
Слушать Rumba Espaсa - на русском

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