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Кумбия БоливианаCumbia Boliviana (Colombian Cumbia) — it is the most recognizable radio which sounds Latin music. Listen Cumbia Boliviana — means to be able to live and enjoy life, cherish the moment and to be open to the world. The station takes its name from a modern Cumbia Colombian and Panamanian folk dance. Accordingly, the music that sounds in this wave can be described as dance.

 Tunes that will be played on Cumbia somehow remind salsa, but they have one distinguishing feature — a tool by which music is played.In the performance of cumbia basic tools are German accordions, drums and African indigenous wind instruments. Whatever it was, the origins of the music coming from the Latin tunes.

 On the radio to listen Cumbia Boliviana you quality music content, which only rarely be interrupted for short entertaining shows and small advertising pause. Its musical direction came in the 60-70-'s because the main audience of listeners of this wave are people from 20 to 45 years. Especially popular this type of music and dance came in 2007, when the screens released film "Cumbia us bound" by Rene Villarreal, because few could still distinguish Cumbia of salsa. The fact that this area is very popular even suggests that for a long time Cumbia Boliviana broadcasts on the Internet.

From a small local radio, it has grown into a popular and known all over the world station. To listen to the radio Cumbia Boliviana you only need to enter the site — absolutely free you'll be able to enjoy this unique and original genre on our radio portal.

07.01.2020 Cumbia Boliviana
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