Nostalgie Kazakhstan Taldykorgan Kazakhstan

Music plays in the style of 1970-80 1980-90 1990 Quick Overview: Compositions of different genres, recognized by gold hits, are filled with Nostalgie. Beautiful retro melodies delight the hearing and raise memories of the beautiful moments from the life of listeners. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Nostalgie Kazakhstan Taldykorgan.
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Description Nostalgie Kazakhstan Taldykorgan

Radio Nostalgie Kazakhstan Taldykorgan

Memories that create songs that sound on the air radio will remind you of the best minutes and will raise the mood with pleasant memos. Radio comes from the city of Taldykorgan. Listen to retro songs on the radio of Nostalzhi radio various compositions of gold hits and melodies performed by Kazakhstan stars and foreign performers. For informative purposes it is pleasant to hear news releases, analytical and entertaining programs.

Star guests of the radio station Nostalzhi Kazakhstan:

Rosa Kuanyshevna Rymbaeva is a pop singer, a radio star.
Abai Begey & Aray Toby
Arai tobi
Yernar Aydar
Jangeldi Bagdat
Kairat Baekenov and Gr. Format
Kairat Nurthas
Lev Leshchenko is a famous Soviet singer.
Sayat Medeuov
Seyilgazy Tanirbergen
A wave of pleasant memories - Nostalgie KZ

Listen Nostalgia radio from Kazakhstan live and with excellent sound quality 128 kbs. With the help of get access to your favorite musical retro-content. Pleasant listening to historically hits.
Listen radio Nostalgie Taldykorgan Kazakhstan
Contact Information:
Taldykorgan city
Tel. 8-7282-245-888

03.10.2022 Radio Nostalgie — Taldykorgan, KZ
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