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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: The radio station of Kazakhstan is a broadcasting radio station broadcast among Kazakhstani listeners living in Kazakhstan, the CIS and foreign countries. Kazakhstan broadcasts consist of radio broadcasts from Astana and Almaty and regional news. Messages are transmitted over long, medium, short and VHF radio frequencies. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Kazakh Radio 104.0 FM.
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Description Kazakh Radio 104.0 FM

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The Kazakh radio is broadcasted in national and Russian, German, Uighur, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Korean and Tatar. One of the largest radio networks of our state.
Broadcasting consists of the latest available information (news, analytics, reports). We cover, inform all listeners about incidents and events: socio-political, economic, scientific, educational, literary-drama, music, sports, etc.

Listening on the wave of the Kazakh radio interesting educational programs and news in Kazakh, Russian and many other languages.

The historical fact of the birth of Kazakh radio was recorded in 1921. The first broadcast was carried out from Orenburg in Russian. And already in 23.03.1927 on air the broadcasting in the Kazakh language has sounded.

On the air of radio fixed% distribution of information:

  • 25% Cognitive and public content
  • 25% Music
  • 17% literary and musical direction
  • 18% Information Analytics
  • 5% Historical data
  • 5% Youth and children
  • 3% transfer Dostyk
  • 2% Advertisement

 Kazradio Radio is the leader among online media. Together we create programs with Russian, Kyrgyz and Belarusian media for integration and mutual understanding at the state level.

Programs on the air of QAZAQSTAN:

  • Expo-2017
  • Online
  • Agrarly Kazakstan
  • Aktau
  • Ak tílek
  • Alak
  • Alash ardaktylary
  • Aldaspan
  • Alem adebieti
  • Алыстагы агайын
  • An Sinu
  • Aulym - Altyn besigim
  • Baldauren
  • Біз екеуміз
  • Біздік meyman
  • Бірінші байлык
  • Bul - menyk juregym poetry sagata
  • Gibraty gumyr
  • Дауір юні
  • Дін мен долюр
  • Достык ауендері
  • El agalar
  • Jean Zhyluy
  • Zhyrlaidy Ziurek
  • Zak-Tapsir
  • Investment иірімдері
  • Інжу-маржан
  • Cossack radio stations
  • Cossack ruhaniyats
  • Kazakhstan without borders
  • Kaiyrly so, the Cossack ate!
  • Касіп пен насіп
  • Kesek
  • Kozayim
  • Kok zhashik
  • Kokzhiek
  • Кокіл козі
  • Korkemdik kekes
  • Husbands hut
  • Lyrical sagate
  • Mega zhuldyzdar
  • Interstate radio bridge Astana-Minsk
  • We are Kazakhs!
  • News
  • Nurly Zhol
  • Oi Zerek
  • Omіrdik lake novella
  • Penalty
  • Radio-philharmonic society
  • Sarbaz
  • Sakhna cheeses
  • Strategy Bagdarlamasy
  • Tagdyr syyy
  • Terme
  • Тіл - sakshysy
  • Tugan Zher
  • Tukgysh
  • Uly gave the murates
  • Yu tapsyrmasy

 KaZradio listen to the radio online live, premium sound quality. Broadcast channels 128kb/s. With the help of Bestradio.Fm listen and appreciate the information and music content of the Kazakh radio.

Contacts radio station Kazaradio:
tel. + 7 (7172) 55-33-91

29.09.2022 KazRadio 106.8 FM Astana — KZ
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