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Music plays in the style of народные-песни Quick Overview: Ethnic Kazakh songs online radio broadcast from Astana. Listen to traditional music and ceremonies, unique transmission of Kazakh culture in the wake of the national radio Shalkar radiosy. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Shalkar FM Radio - listen to ethnic music in the air Kazakh station. Radio Broadcasts from Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. In the broadcast sounds only Kazakh language and all ethnic areas of the songs.

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Kazakh national tradition passed in the melodies and songs,
First National Radio Kazakhstan - Shalkar FM

List of gear that you will hear on Radio FM Shalkar:

News releases
"Chronicle of Independence"
"Music Keruen"
"Literature rink"
"Hunting, shooting"
"World Literature"
"Music hello"
Radio "Shalkar"
"Kazakh Khanate"
"The word of the King"
"Educational word"
"Inspiration" Radio
"Turkish music"
"The position of the Holy Kazakh"
"World Literature"
"A culture of speech"
"Arts Square"
"Deputy Hour"
"Fourth Estate"
"Starlight Night"
"The children in our country ..."
"Status Shezhire"
"Seven Ages sang"
"Good wife"
"The Shadow of the day" information-analytical report
"Civil Council"
literary and lyrical program "Janswsar"
"Good family"
"Love the motherland"

Radio Online "Shalkar FM" Now listen to free live and in good quality sound. Beautiful ethnic Kazakh music sounds on the radio wave.

22.10.2022 Radio Shalkar FM — KZ
Слухати Шалкар ФМ - українською
Слушать Shalkar FM - на русском

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