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Music plays in the style of pop народные-песни Quick Overview: Top Turkish-speaking popular songs and listen to the news in a live internet radio Kazakhstan Contact the radio station: Country: Kazakhstan Almaty city 050008 Mail: bulbulradio@gmail.com Website: radio-bulbul.kz Congratulations and voice messages WhatsApp 8775-902-54-34 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio BulBul (BұlBұl with Kazakh "Nightingale") - Kazakhstan is a radio station that broadcasts from the southern capital of Almaty. His first official online broadcast of radio waves held Nov. 2, 2015. Listen to popular songs performed by Turkic-speaking and well-known young stars of pop scene.

Bұlbұl Radio

"We are together"
History of the radio project.
The founder of a well-known radio station (since 1998.) Producer, director and editor Kaldybek Zhaysanbaev. C 2001 Ahmed Azimhan and began his career as a producer and editor, and later joined by the continued development of your favorite radio. These creative people met became partners in the company Kazak Radiosynda (2002.), And 13 years later, to realize his dream. Since 2013 Kaldybek Azimhan and combining their skills with a team of more than twenty young people who created the original project successfully exists and develops - Radio Bulbul.

What to listen to live radio Bulbul? Programa transmission.
1. Salem Bulbul daily from 10 am to 18:00 broadcast entertainment programs and listen to songs and songs from Salem Bulbul for Bіz Turali Bulbul.
2. Bul-Bul Mix - resting on Sunday, Hear the greatest hits of the Turkic world.
3. Bul-Bul Light - listen to the night broadcast of daily light and spiritual songs from 24:00 to 02:00.

Also, you can hear the air show business news and events occurring in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Residents radios are star performers of Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey Zhanar Dugalova, Nurzhan Kermenbaev, Tarkan, Shaxzoda, Mirbek Atabay, Aikyn.

Listen to radio online Bulbul Almaty, Kazakhstan

In the broadcast heard only Turkic-speaking music tracks that will please all lovers and listeners of the Turkic-speaking countries around the world. Listen to the radio broadcast of the unique Kazakh online bestradio.fm. And encourage you to listen to creative works, created the fruit of inspiration for the Kazakh culture in the wake of Bulbul online radio.

22.10.2022 Radio BULBUL — KZ
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