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Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll Quick Overview: Tengri FM Listen online from Kazakhstan. TENGRI FM - radio broadcasts from the city of Almaty and is famous for its broadcasts are always interesting and fresh news, and you can listen to good rock music, folk, contemporary world music (rock, pop, minimalism). Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Professionalism station and meets the highest class - over broadcasting Tengri FM employs a large staff that command to create an interesting and a variety of programs

"NEW" with music from 23:00 until 24:00, hear new songs and fresh tracks of the world of rock music - is TUYNDY.
"The same music," then you can listen to all the tracks are not formatted - Bұlda Tengri FM radio
Summary Chart - sound your favorite songs best Kazakh rock musicians - Rock 'n' Roll 'On Top Tengri ".
Acoustics live sound performances of young and well-known musicians and interviews are broadcast directly from the studios to listen to live acoustic guitar from the radio Tengri
Across the Universe - in this program you will hear the notes of the modern from around the world - the planet ethnomusic "THE off Spirit Tengri" (Sunday 22: OO)
In the program "Crossover" - listen harmoniously combined experimental styles - an association of jazz and techno, classical and rock, ethno and pop music.
Wednesday 22:00 After two lives - to hear music from the golden age of rock.
"Beatles Forever" rock 'n' roll in the air Tengri FM edition of the program - Thursday 22:00
The program tracks the Blues played on Fridays at 22: OO
Favorite tracks - Newest tops progressive British new-wave sound every Monday at 22:00
Calendar of rock music - the program tells about the creation of the legendary rock songs, the history of world rock legends. To hear this broadcast possible throughout the week.
News IT-technologies listen to the radio RADIO Pont. 12:20, Tuesday 14:42 - technology achievements, modern appliances and electronics.
Live special reports - about news and events sounds from Monday to Friday at 11: OO to 11:30, and Russian in the Kazakh language. With the repetition of the next morning at 6: OO and 6:30. Over the weekend, at 14:00 and 14:30.
About ethnic Kazakh instruments and not only, you will learn to transfer Etnozvuk - historical facts occurrence of folk instruments of the world (application, sound differences) listen in Russian on Tuesday at 12:20 and 12:20 on Thursday, Kazakh.
How to manage finances and at least spend the money, you will learn to save more in the transmission. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:12.

Professional leading amuse you and raise your spirits and the latest news broadcast every 30 minutes - will inform you the events taking place in Kazakhstan and the world.
Tengri FM Radio online free listen, then the best rock compositions and diverse ethnic music like the audience in Kazakhstan and beyond.
Radio Tengri FM Listen online and for free even outside Kazakhstan.

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