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Music plays in the style of Blues Rock Lounge dance Quick Overview: On a wave of the Kazakh radio "NEFM" Listen dance club music Dance in the flow channels, and also rock music sector Urban and background lounge music.
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Description NE.FM

«Ne Fm» - Kazakhstan Internet radio to create a unique version of the feed content to the audience, to listen and to all the most popular styles of music gathered in the compilation flow channels (Dance, Rock, Urban, Lounge). Broadcasting is filled with modern and intelligent music without marginal orientation. Listen to the radio NE FM online from anywhere in the world equipped with Internet access.

"Ne Fm radio" club tracks, rock, urban, music lounge.
Dance Dance rhythms turn a head. In dance, express their moods and emotions - radio NE.FM.

Dance - flow pronounced energetic music, DJs vzbudorazhat you with their compositions and unique collections of club dance tracks.
ROCK (Rock) - rock music performed by foreign groups and authors.
Urban (Urban) - the city of music (hip-hop, rap and current rhythm and blues)
Lounge (Lounge) - music for relaxation (an easy to hear, background music)

Cool "NE FM" - radio network!
DJs and leading their programs and transmissions will surprise you by his charm and sociability skills beautifully raise spirits.
What is interesting to listen to the program on the air?
JAZZYSTAN - Saturday 17-00 (jazz sound)
MiXologia - Mon - Sat, 21:00 (listen to a DJ and learn the secrets of how to create mixes and remixes)
JOHNNY DEEP - Mon., 22-00
iCULTURE - Sun. 18:05 (listen to modern European and American electronic music)
BLACKMAGIC - songs of African-American culture (hip-hop, smooth jazz, funk, soul)
HOUSECALL - 22-00 (radio show from the UK)
ARMATURA - Sat., 21:00 (heavy tracks: Metal, Death core, Dark metal)
STORM - Sat after 22 (DNB - drum 'n' bass)

Radio NEFM listen online Almaty, Kazakhstan.
On the Internet, listen to free music service using NEFM broadcast Bestradio.FM - online radio listen to everything. Sound quality music content will lift station will give optimism and vigor, is dedicated to all intelligent listeners actual music.

Country: Kazakhstan
Address: Almaty, st. Panfilova, 110
Tel: + 7 (707) 727-22-27

10.01.2017 NE FM - KZ
Слухати Радіо НЕ ФМ - українською
Слушать NE.FM - на русском

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