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Music plays in the style of pop news Quick Overview: KN radio live you can listen to the latest news, popular songs here you can hear both foreign and domestic hits that bring pleasant mood during work and leisure time, regardless of their publication. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
KN radio.
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Radio KN - regional infotainment station, which broadcasts in the Kazakh city of Kostanai. Listen to radio KH locals can with their receivers speakers, adjusting their pre 101.5 MHz FM-band.

 The concept of popular station for more than ten years is relevant and timely news feed, as well as rotation of popular songs, regardless of the time of publication. Among the musical works here you can hear both foreign and domestic hits that bring pleasant mood during work and leisure.

News vypuskizdes focused on life and Kostanai region, as well as major events worldwide. Much of the information that goes on the air, provided its own correspondents and journalists, taken from the newspaper "Kustanais'ka News" (also included in a single holding, together with the station). In addition, regularly broadcast waves go all-Russian news station "Mayak", which help local residents do not fall out of the seat of life in Russia, and not miss something important from world events.

Broadcasts of sporting events.
 Also, special attention of listeners not only Kostanay, but the whole country radio KH deserves for its broadcast of major sporting events. By the way, the CN is the only station in the country, which practices a similar announcement. Here you can hear the broadcast and comments are all popular sporting events. The most frequently broadcast here, of course, football matches.

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22.10.2022 KN radio KZ
Слухати Радіо КН - українською
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