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Music plays in the style of dance 2000 Quick Overview: Energy FM radio broadcasts to broadcast live from the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty city. Youth radio station's format gives the opportunity to hear the latest trends of dance music, as well as enjoy the hits that have already conquered by millions worldwide. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Energy FM (Kazahtan) - youth dance station number one in the country. Is part of a wave of popular TRC Shahar, first aired it came out in May 1997.

Listen Energy FM in Almaty can be pre-configured radio speakers on their frequency of 102.2 MHz on the FM band, of course.
Format of the station completely youth. In the air you can hear the very latest dance music, as well as enjoy the hits that have already conquered millions of dance floors worldwide. This format follows a wave since 2002, and since then its ratings have increased several times, holding her position before the first places in the country. The station is also popular, and outside Kazakhstan, because you can listen to Energy FM online.

In addition to quality dance music popular youth ether waves Energy FM transmissions filled with a wide variety of local shops copyright. Here you can enjoy music, informative, interactive and simply interesting programs. The most popular among the more than 20 gears are : Set Session, Vibe Session, Selector, Money in advance, Delicate Groove, Dubsomnia, Fresh FM, Slam, French Touch, A-Side Radioshow, Jump Up Session, Rahat Music, Dive, Galaxy 49, Gentlemen Club, Speaker, Broadcast, Gravity and others.

Also, listening to Energy FM online you will always be aware of all the latest events in the world of club life, new products popular sound producers, progressive newcomers for decks, etc., because there are regularly published topical news items and specialized information transfer.

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22.10.2022 Energy FM - KZ
Слухати Радіо Енерджі - українською
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