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Music plays in the style of народные песни 2000 Quick Overview: The only radio that broadcasts only Kazakh music. The most important distinctive function of a broadcasting station is the opportunity to get free airtime for young and gifted artists. The uniqueness of the radio channel also lies in the fact that for the first time in all the years of independence, beginning talents and stars that produce high-quality musical material can get on the air absolutely free of charge. The main goal of the project is to develop and popularize the national culture by
Gakku FM.
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Gakku FM Astana

The first broadcast was made in July 2014. The best singers and groups who sing in Kazakh. Songs and melodies that create an atmosphere of spiritual presence in the homeland. All about the Kazakh stage. By voice, guess your favorites. The first radio-channel devoted exclusively to Kazakhstani music!
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List of playlist artists:

  • Alem Band
  • Altynbek Sundet
  • AsSun
  • AYBA
  • Darrem
  • Dinaya feat Renat Gaissin
  • KAIA
  • KeshYou & Baller
  • Mad men
  • M'Dee
  • Moldanazar
  • Moonlight
  • Raim & Artur
  • Renzo
  • Rin'Go
  • Shamis
  • V.I.A. Negry
  • Vox Acapella
  • Zeinesh x Ambient Noise x Cali
  • Ziruza
  • Aikerim Kalaubaev & Nurlan Elimzhanov
  • Ainur Abdiyeva
  • Batir Bainazarov
  • Dana Kentai
  • Jeyran
  • Zhanar Daukeeva
  • Madina Saduaasova
  • Мллдір Әуелбекова
  • Nazym, Yermek, Aidana Medenovter
  • Nұrzhan Kermenbaev & Makpal
  • Serik Ibragimov
  • Серік Гамза-заде
  • Ұшқын Жамалбек

Listen to cognitive programs and find out information about the history and anthology of our music-stage.

List of programs:

  4. Cold list
  5. Love story
  6. Shame-Parade
  7. CLIDOpy
  8. TwısStar

Team Gakku FM radio:

  • Producer - Timur Balymbetov
  • Journalist - Mirat Miyatov
  • Editor - Zarina Izmailova

Radio Gakku FM Astana
You can listen to the radio Gakku FM online around the clock. A live broadcast of a music and entertainment TV and radio company. Good sound quality 128 kb/s on Bestradio.FM

Contacts of radio station Gakku-FM:
Country: Kazakhstan
Current City: Almaty
Gagarin street 79
Phone: +7 (727) 222-02-20

28.03.2019 Radio Gakku FM — KZ
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