How to add a radio station in BestRadio.

Dear employees of media and owners of Internet radio stations. For the development of your project suggest adding your radio stations in rating

Primarily accepted FM-band radio licensed to broadcast.

Adding your radio site will be free of charge according to the usual filing (45-90 days).

Adding information about your project:

1. Send information contains the following fields:
  • a) Name of the radio station.
  • b) Tagline.
  • c) Country and city.
  • d) Styles of music that sound on Radio.
  • e) Description radios.
  • f) Stream your radio broadcast (MP3 / AAC / OGG)
  • g) Contact (e. Mail, website, address, telephone or fax to contact station)

How to add radio out of turn?
For fast processing priority basis (term adding up to 5 days):
  1. Put on any of the pages on your website button with direct reference to (without noindex, nofollow)
  2. After placing the buttons please write to contact @ address and specify the page where you placed the button.
  3. From the moment of sending a letter to the mail address included of the page with a button located after 5 days your radio will be added to the list of radio stations

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