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Music plays in the style of Rock 1960-70 Quick Overview: German folk music and modern hits to listen to internet radio wave. Romantic songs and rock '50s sound live on different channels for the convenience of radio listeners Tel. 07005 860-58-60 (12 cents - minute) Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Alpen radio - German-speaking online radio broadcasts modern and folksy music from Ruhpolding (Upper Bavaria). Listen to popular hits and folk music 24/7 without commercials and talking. The broadcast is divided into several channels broadcast: Folk music, Rock 'n' roll, to the heart, top 100 radio greatest hits.

Channels Alpen radio:

Folk music (Volksmusik) - folk pop, marches and the best traditional music of the region of Bavaria.
Rock-n-Roll 50 (Rockin) - Rock and roll, doo-wop, twist, love songs of the 50s.
Heart (Herz) - German and foreign sensual melodies of feelings, romantic songs for the soul and the heart.
Top 100 (Best Radio Hits) - listen to music mix of modern hits, songs in German cinema hits and gold

Alpen Listen radio online free live broadcast from Bavaria in premium sound quality German tunes, spiritual and popular hits.

Country: Germany
City: Ruhpolding 83324
Otto-Filitz-Str. 18
070 05 860-58-60 (12 cents - minute)

22.09.2019 Radio Alpenradio and Alpenmelodie - Germany
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