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Music plays in the style of Rock Rock-n-roll New-Year Quick Overview: Rock music is the most popular destinations in the air sounds German radio station - BOB. Christmas songs for the holidays listen live. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio BOB.
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Description Radio BOB

Radio BOB - private radio broadcasts from Hessen, Germany. FM broadcast radio dedicated music rock pop. Listen BOB radio can be in Germany at the frequency 96,60FM also have online broadcasting on the Internet. Most popular rock songs and compositions known groups of performers sound to you: Coldplay, Metallica, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, U2, Sunrise Avenue, Bruce Springsteen and others. Great rock music is now available in every corner of the world via radio BOB.

Radio BOB FM

Theme channels broadcast:
1. Classic Rock
2. Alternative rock
3. Chart of the best songs
4. AC / DC
5. Christmas Radio - Christmas Song

Christmas composition listen and get festive mood. It sounds to your Christmas Radio - Christmas Rock.

Programs that are aired German radio station:
BOB Morning - from 5 to 9
BOB Day - 9 to 12
BOB Noon - 12 to 15
American Bob - 15 to 18
Songs on order - 18 to 20
Shows Alice Cooper - 20 to 21:00

In some German cities there is an FM broadcast:
Bad Nauheim 106.6 MHz
Darmstadt 92.4 MHz
Dieburg 99.5
Frankfurt 101.4
Wiesbaden, Mainz 101.4
Eschwege 103.0
Fritzlar 88.4
Hofgeismar 88.8
Homberg (Efze) 99.3
Kassel 99.4
Korbach 96.5
Alsfeld 101.5
Giessen 92.6
Limburg an der Lahn 90.2
Marburg 103.9
Schotten / Vogelsberg 94.7
Wetzlar 88.2
Bad Hersfeld 99.8
Fulda 105.7
Rotenburg / Bebra 93.5
Schlüchtern 101.3
Bensheim / Bergshtrase 103.3
Michelstadt / Odenwald 98.5
Bad Nauheim 106.6
Mittelhessen 96.40

96.60 FM
Kreis Kassel
Korbach and surroundings
Frankenberg and the District
Werra-Meissner district

Bad Hersfeld
Kreis Fulda

Listen to the radio online BOB

Great choice of music channels like our listeners. Live Radio Listen to BOB from Germany. Listen to rock music on German radio broadcasts using the service - online radio listen to everything!

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