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Music plays in the style of news pop 2000 Quick Overview: Radio Cosmo is an open world, international radio programs in German directly incorporating from Germany the city of Bremen. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Cosmo radio Bremen.
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Cosmo Radio Online

We have a unique combination of global popular music and tracks from around the world. Soundtracks, songs and music of the 21st century sound on the air.
Also on Cosmo radio listen to the daily news of the region, the weather, information about the release of new singles and songs.

Some do not talk to each other, others together. We talk to each other - because COSMO is a diverse radio for people from all over the world who live in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen, Berlin and Brandenburg. From Dortmund to Bremerhaven, from Lisbon to Kiev, from Mumbai to Buenos Aires: We, traveling the world, and in Germany we see through the eyes of the world.
Cosmopolitan and multilingual radio of Germany - COSMO

List of radio broadcasts on Cosmo radio:

  • Al-Saut Al-Arabi - Arabic Magazine
  • Beat The Night - music night beat
  • Dschungelfieber - tropical music
  • Elliniko Randevou - dating radio channel
  • Estación Sur - station South
  • Cosmo Indigo - Indigo
  • Köln Radyosu - Cologne Radio
  • La dolce vita - Sweet Life
  • Cosmo Luso - Cosmo Luso
  • Mestizo - Alternative, Mexican, Pop
  • Cosmo Po-Russki - Cosmo in Russian
  • Radio Forum - radio forum
  • Colonia - Multicultural, Italian

Some prefer to take risks without looking across the line, others want to cross all boundaries. We open people connect this world, regardless of if you came from Germany or from other countries - in fact the radio station Cosmo-Rodina radio. We produced and presented colorful teams that makes us more developed and rich.
Cosmo radio Bremen
Some people prefer to listen to the Cosmo radio, take a shower, others at work. COSMO is everywhere - you can hear us not only with FM, satellite or digital radio, but also all over the world live on the BestRadio.FM website

Contacts of radio station Cosmo
0049 (0) 221 - 567 89 777
Every day from 8.00 to 20.00
Whatsapp: 0172 5678566
Berlin and Brandenburg 14057
Mazur Alley 8-14
Dipenau 10 str
Bremen 28195

13.03.2018 Radio Cosmo — DE
Слухати Космо радіо Бремен - українською
Слушать Cosmo radio Bremen - на русском

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