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Music plays in the style of Electro Quick Overview: Radio from Germany. It is broadcast in the city of Saarland on the frequency 103.7 FM. Listen to modern styles of music mixed with retro compositions of different styles. On the air of a German versatile radio - entertainment radio station, show programs and music for all generations. Choose and listen to the best German radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
UnserDing 103.7 FM.
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Radio UnserDing from Saarland, Germany. He is broadcasting in German from Saarland, you will hear us at 103.7 FM. Good music for connoisseurs of electronics. Many diverse and thematic programs. Favorite melodies will find the ears of their admirers in 24/7 round-the-clock broadcast.
Love you! - 103.7 UnserDing

Broadcasts on the radio UnserDing:

  • Chillout - Cold sound at the end of an exciting night or to relax in the morning.
  • ClubDING - Review of the last tracks: electronic dance music. Each week we present you the brightest singles and albums. In addition, regional, national and international DJ mixes concerts! Every week classic clubDING - the hottest hits of electronic music of recent years!
  • Dolmetscher - Hot international music tracks, bits with German translation.
  • Hohenflug - To lift the mood, we will meet you on the flight! Hot music and fresh cool information
  • Horzeit - Music of different styles on the radio.
  • House-Session - Play House every day from 22:00 the most recent recordings, hot tracks.
  • Kostprobe - Transfer two hours to Hip Hop for people who want to learn more.
  • Lauter Leben - Anyone who is still at 12:00 in bed is lazy, or is resting, and Lauterleben is listening: information, hot music, pleasant voices of the leading ones. Listen to Selina and Benedikt at noon.
  • Lautstark - Sound is a show for fans of guitar music.
  • Liebt euch! - Charts, music information - all this and even more will bring you love 103.7 UnserDing! Clutch and Gatch, hit parades of the planet.
  • Live - Listen to records of popular concerts.
  • Mixtape - The program in which you define music: you create your own mixtape with 15 songs, send it to us, and your tracks are played on the air of our radio.
  • Musik Nonstop - Smoothly resounding retro hits for relaxation and preparation for the night.
  • Netzparade - To your liking, this is a "network parade". Here you can hear your songs, for which you sounded online.
  • Neuanfang - Morning show on 103.7. A new day is a new beginning! Recognize what's new in the world? What to worry about in the city of Saarland (Germany)? Information from the press?
  • Partyfieber - 103.7. Our tunes will make you comfortable for a weekend. The best music.
  • Plattenleger - Listen from Saturday to Sunday from 24:00 to 4:00 in the morning Stefan Hintz will air you star performers of electronic music.
  • Plattenspiel - Every Thursday we show you the best tracks.
  • Rangfolge - International hits in different ways - HotTop 15 for Freitagnachagag.
  • Schwarz - The best of R'n'B and Hip-Hop + Dancehall and Reggae listen every Friday.

List of performers that sound on radio from the city of Saarland:

  • 30 Seconds To Mars
  • Alice Merton
  • imagine Dragons
  • Kraftklub
  • Marteria
  • Marteria
  • Martin Solveig feat. Alma
  • Ofenbach & Nick Waterhouse
  • RAF Camora
  • Rudimental feat. James Arthur
  • Gabriel and Dresden
  • James Holden
  • Carl Cox
  • Sander Kleinenberg
  • Timo Maas
  • Thomas Schumacher

Listen radio UnserDing from Saarland, Germany. Premium broadcast quality, a good broadcast channel with a speed of 64kb / s and 128kb / s. With the help of Bestradio.Fm service listen to German radio UnserDing on the whole planet Earth.
Listen radio UnserDing 103.7 FM Germany
Contacts radio stations UnserDing 103.7 FM:
Funkhaus Halberg
66100 Saarbrücken, Germany
Phone: (0681) 602-103-7

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