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Music plays in the style of pop народные-песни Quick Overview: Radio from Germany. It broadcasts in a round-the-clock format. Musical German compositions, the best hits of Germany. Listen to modern German music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
1000 Schlager.
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1000 Hits Hatter

German Schlager. Nothing else.

German free online internet radio. The radio station 1000 Hits broadcasts the best hits. Modern popular and retro music. Popular tunes in Germany. Fashionable German variety tunes and all popular songs. Listen on the air radio dance songs with lyrical and entertaining melodies.

Broadcast genres:


List of performers that sound on the air 1000 Hit Radio Shlag:

Andreas Martin
Andy Borg
Bernhard Brink
Christian Lais
Claudia Jung
Fernando Express
Francine Jordi
Gunter Gabriel
Helene Fischer
Howard Carpendale
Ireen Sheer
Isabel Varell
Juliane Werding
Jurgen marcus
Katja Ebstein
Kristina Bach
Marianne Rosenberg
Mary Roos
Matthias Reim
Olaf Berger
Peter Cornelius
Peter Sebastian
Rainhard Fendrich
Roy Black
Udo Jurgens
Ute Freudenberg

Listen to the radio 1000 Hits Shlyager. Round-the-clock broadcasting, free broadcasting of musical hits in Germany.

Contacts of the radio station from Germany - 1000 Hits Shlyager:

28.04.2019 Radio 1000 Schlager FM — DE
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