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Revolution Radio.
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Description Revolution Radio

"Radio Revolution" - online radio created by the combined forces of people who appreciate electronic music. He spends his Internet radio broadcasts from St. Petersburg (Russia). Listen Radio Revolution can be in any city in the world, modern electronic music sounds for you around the clock and create the mood is powerful.

"Revolution Radio" we do not make the world better, we remember best ...

We offer bright hear a radio show with the participation of well-known musicians as guests in our studio, discussions about music, people of various projects and events, parties. Know-how is the creation of a radio station and conduct on-demand video broadcasts direct from the interesting and significant for lovers club society, raves, parties and other kultmeropriyaty city of St. Petersburg.

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Online electronic club music. Revolution Radio it is dances electronic club music, contemporary hits and new styles: trance, techno, deep house, drum and bass, tech-house and others.

Programs on the air:

Past Against The Future

The compositions and tracks from DJs, musicians, artists that are aired Revolutionary radio:

A. Skomoroh - Nobody Fucking Cares (original Mix) = Techno
Babysitters - Nite Club Kings (original Mix) = Tech House
Eurobeats - Silent Dream (original Mix) = Trance
Housemeister - Sincerely (matchy And Bott Remix) = Tech House
Madface - In Love (original Mix) = Drum n Bass
Knoxx Stunts - My Drop (original Mix) = Tech House
Earstrip, Torha - Regulators (original Mix) = Deep House
Vladimir Unheard - Ambiguity (original Mix) = Tech House
Manifest And Identity - Infected World = Drum n Bass
Art In Motion, Lera - Love Illusion (original Mix) = Tech House
Saccao, Shake Sofa - Where Angels Lie (original Mix) = Tech House
and many others.

Radio online "Revolution Radio" - listen for free good sound quality, round the clock broadcasting of modern dance club tunes and compositions of electronic music.

Contacts Radio Revolution:
Tel .: +7 (963) 322-32-14

10.04.2020 Radio Revolution SPB — RU
Слухати Революшн радіо - українською
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