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Music plays in the style of Lounge Quick Overview: Music chill Dreams - light and quiet music for dreamers listen and fantasize Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Chillout Dreams.
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Radio Chill Dreams (Chillout Dreams) - Internet Channel online broadcasting radio DI from the US. Listen to music for relaxation and recreation, such as the composition of the background sound to create an echo effect of its calm and serenity. Ringtones for daydreaming, peaceful and recreational affect your mental well-being and contribute to the quiet pastime. My e-contemporary music with a calm and easy to grasp melodies and rhythms for a siesta.

If the chill (Chillout) - this is music for relaxing the Chill-Dreams is background music for dreamers. Turn on the radio and dream under the soft rhythms of the perfect soundtrack for any musical.

In the 90s of the XX century a new musical style begins its rebirth, it is called the old chillout. The creator of the updated chillout is called music critic, producer and radio host Chris Coco. His work formed the basis for the formation of a new direction. They were characterized by slow rhythm, quiet vocals, electric notes, which is constantly repeated by the main melody.

Original chillout is instrumental music dominated by guitar and keyboard parts, extremely rare.

An electronic Chillout is a soft melody without a pronounced beat. The main part sounds unobtrusive and long. The main feature is fragments of phrases, the effects of a worn-out record, sounds from old movies.

In the narrow sense, a Chillout is an area for relaxation in a nightclub or on a dance floor. Some large parties are equipped with special seating areas, which play calm music with low speed and muted soul. There is no desire to dance under it, I want to relax.

Live for you to sound the unique composition of atmospheric light and soothing. Listen in premium sound quality dream — Chillout Dreams Radio

14.12.2021 Radio FM Chillout Dreams USA — US
Слухати Чилаут Дрімс радіо - українською
Слушать Chillout Dreams - на русском

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