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Music plays in the style of Trance Quick Overview: Dark psychedelic trance - for brave lovers of the dark world of electronic music. The dark side of the music Psytrance - terrifying sounds and heart rending cries, rumbling and rattling, rumbling and crunching in symbiosis with the rapid pace of execution, and create original music demonically-color-painting Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Dark PsyTrance.
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Radio Dark Psychedelic Trance (Dark-Psytrance) leading Internet broadcast from Denver (United States). Play online broadcast of the fastest and "dark music" Psychedelic trance - Dark.
Music Dark Psy Trance - a subgenre of electronic music psy-trance rhythm 145-180bpm and without voice guidance (without vocals). For the first time the composition of the sub-genre originated in Germany and Russia in the 90s. Instead of using vocal samples by cutting a variety of terrifying sounds (from a science fiction films and horror)
Sometimes used musical fragments from other musical genres: dark ambient, dark core, industrial music, power-noise.

Artists of this sub-genre of contemporary electronic music Dark Psychedelic Trance: Parasense, Audiopathik, Megalopsy, Infected Mushroom, X-dream, Astrix, Shpongle, Sesto sento, Skazi, Highko, Baphomet Engine, Dj Voijer, t0x1c.Pain, Cosmic Iron, Shanti, Cyberbaba

Listen dark psychedelic trance music in perfectly soundtracks broadcast Dark-Psytrance Radio.

29.08.2018 Radio FM Dark PsyTrance music
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