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Classic Vocal Trance.
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Classic Vocal Trance - US radio station one of the channels broadcast DIFM from Denver (USA).
Music Vocal Trance Classic - is one of the subgenres of trance music, originated in the early 1990s and is a combination of hard trance with smooth and beautiful melodic female vocals Session Supplement.

Classic Vocal Trance song

Vocal trance has a structure consisting of three parts, the beginning of the song (sometimes starting with the vocal intros as a representation of vocal trance track for decoration and confirm its accessories) is the active work of progressive drummers (1-2min), followed by a more calm and melodic part (3 -5min) with the introduction of the combined vocals (often a female vocals) and soft melodic accompaniment secondary threads gradually increasing the pace and lead to the disclosure of the reconciliation of the bass loop and primary rhythmic drummers sound with vocal inserts making several cycles with a constant build-up in the final part of the melody accompanying and vocals gently dissolves into the rhythm of the bass, drums similar to the initial modifications to the fast pace and completes the composition.

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06.11.2021 Radio Classic Vocal Trance music
Слухати Класичний Вокал транс - українською
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