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Music plays in the style of House dance Quick Overview: Modern electronic music, listen to the radio wave of the English-language Moscow - Boomboom FM. In live Mixes and remixes listening to radio Boomboom. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Boomboom FM.
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Boomboom FM - radio dance station in English-language from Muscovite, presents to your attention the wonderful world - Electronic dancing music. Listen to the radio Boomboom, nice like expert electronic rhythms incendiary. World club of foreign music reveals all music lovers appreciate broadcast. Turn Boom Boom music on full volume.

Radio Boomboom FM

Range of selected mixes and remix from well-known DJs will delight you with its sounds in the moves of your internet radio. Mixes and remixes, hot trends and tracks golden collection of the most favorite dance songs. Collection of dance electro music presents playlist in the rotation for your listening and valuing.
Broadcasting online radio station offers bright hear the hit dance tracks from famous DJs. In broadcast live broadcast BumBum FM - listen to dance music by Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Carl Cox and David Guetta et al., Star of the dance floor of the club.

Boomboom FM - Best dance music station.
All compositions Top charts, electro dance sounds just for you in our radio station. Rhythmically sound the heart of dance culture - Boomboom FM radio.

What styles are aired?
Play music styles: EDM, house, deep house, future house. Listen uniform dance rhythms of the engine atmosphere with us. Listen together dance rhythms of the broadcasting with us. Without commercial breaks, samples high-quality sound.

Listen online radio station "Boomboom FM" Moscow, Russia.

The best mix club music. For start, use the service Bestradio.FM. Are now find out the name of the player DJ and titles song for you. To Listen and dance.

Country Russia
Moscow city
+7 (968) 913-65-54

05.09.2018 Radio Boomboom FM music
Слухати БумБум ФМ - українською
Слушать Boomboom FM - на русском

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