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Music plays in the style of Techno Trance Quick Overview: Frisky radio from San Francisco, United States, broadcasting club, dance music style house, trance and progressive, listen to your favorite music live Frisky. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Frisky Radio.
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"Frisky Radio" - popular online wave, which originated in 2001. As one of the pioneers in this segment of the media market, it quickly gained popularity and continues to win hearts hams today.

The main thrust of the music is live Ski electronic music of different directions. But there is still one style, which is the greatest emphasis on this frequency. It is a popular Progressive House. For his work in 2009, the station won the title of leader of the best web radio of progress.

Listen to real progress on the radio Frisky !
Here you will find for yourself the best tracks Progressive, as well as techno, trance, and many other forms of electronic music. Latest innovations always appear on the air this wave almost in an instant with their presentation. But beyond that, do not forget the local music editors of long played, but to this day the actual tracks that you can listen to forever.
A nice addition to the musical ether Frisky radio waves would be a considerable base of opinion programs worked on by a whole team of professional facilitators. For their efforts they have already received many awards, which will eventually undoubtedly increase in number.
Listen Frisky Radio online you can with any country on our portal, who collected the most popular stations from all over the planet Earth. Together with us any ether wave transmission - is available to you absolutely free. Also, in order to listen to music we do not ask you to register, but do not rule out such a possibility. Have a nice listening.


22.10.2022 Radio Frisky music
Слухати Фріскай - українською
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