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Music plays in the style of dnb Quick Overview: Liquid Radio broadcasts live electronic, rhythmic and progressive music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Liquid DnB radio.
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Description Liquid DnB radio

Eliminates Funk Drum End Base - line station, which is one of the most popular channels world-famous Radio Di FM (Digital Imported). Listen to radio online Liquid Radio DNB can be found on our website from anywhere in the world. Certainly Not hard to guess from the name of the channel that it plays on that frequency. But we still, do some clarification:

So what is heard on the radio Liquid?
Broadcast radio Liquid DnB fill the popular songs of the early 2000s subgenre of drum and bass - eliminate funk.

Almost immediately after emergence and development of this area gallant little Shohata Ari, who is the founder of Di FM, kept his head and decided to plant this music millions of listeners around the world. Having already promoted a dozen other channels of electronic music, he did it in two accounts.

Today we have a station you like, appreciate and listen to every day, hundreds of thousands of fans will eliminate funk every day.

Now their number can be attributed themselves, even if such early and did not consider myself. It's really positive and popular music, which is unlikely to lose its relevance in the next few years. So, do not hesitate to hop off and push play !

And now listen little bonus of a liquid.
A nice moment in broadcast Liquid DnB is a complete absence of gears, boring programs and shows. It plays only music and nothing else, and so the value of funk fans will eliminate the channel even more.

Liquid DnB Play online for free and without registration can be found on our website from anywhere in the blue planet. Enjoy one of the most popular subgenres drum and bass and get only good and positive emotions.

20.10.2017 Radio Di FM Liquid DNB music USA — US
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Слушать Liquid DnB radio - на русском

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