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Music plays in the style of dance Quick Overview: In the French waves - Hotmixradio Dance always sounds quality sound, which is charged youth from around the globe. And listen to the radio HotMiks Dance Online is completely free! Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Hotmixradio Dance"an online station that gathered for his best remixes ether international hits. Play Online First Dance HotMiks could the French out of the country and which broadcasts one of the most popular dance stations on the Internet.

In the French always sound waves sound quality which charge youth from around the globe. Incidentally listen Hotmixradio Dance Online is completely free!
All residents of the station you can count, do not list. The local collection is simply incredible volumes, aided by two factors : first, a large number of popular songs, both new and classic, and secondly, as a lot of DJs who prefer to recycle"by itself"is ready to hit.

It is clear that not everyone can push their recycled product in the stream of such station as Hotmiks whose name is now known by millions of fans of dance music worldwide. You work hard, but just moderators and music editors that day on that flight and make that listening to music while selecting only the best remixes to his audience. Praises are said to these guys, because the job they cope on Pyaterochka, even with a plus !

Listen to music on the radio waves and Hotmix is online - you'll be able to evaluate the quality is "selected"otmoderirovannyh remixes from around the world, you can at the click of the left mouse button. Simply press"Play"and enjoy. Listen only good music, because now, with our portal, you have to choose among thousands of radio stations many different directions !

20.10.2017 Hot mix radio Dance
Слухати Хот Мікс радіо Денс - українською
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