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La Rocca - internet radio station, which is broadcasting the same name in support of the Latvian club known for all advanced clubbers of Riga. Listen La Rocca will be online as patrons of the institution, as well as ordinary amateurs from around the world, as broadcast station consists of high-quality electronics, which plays in the wake of twenty-four hours a day.

On the "clock speed" internet wave you can often meet the needs of their musical compositions style house, trance and techno - the most popular trends of electronic music in Latvia and worldwide. The local playlists like very many fans dance rhythms, as local music editors with all the forces trying to please their audience. In addition to the exclusive club sets residents frequency La Rocca live online you will listen to the best tracks DJs whose names and fame spread around the world and along several times, and, no doubt, repeat your route in the future.

Latvians also interesting in terms of the wave will be the next notification of parties planned at the club La Rocca. On the radio transmission and regularly hosts the most important warning of events, which allows visitors to this dance floor devotees not to miss anything interesting for yourself. But despite the thrust of the station - the popularization of the nightclub - listen to radio La Rocca, it is loved by many people of different countries, which is really the fault of quality music that is broadcasted.

Listen La Rocca online and you can also, joining the largest number of users of radio portal With us you can enjoy the best radio stations esters world completely free and even without registration. Just listen to the music of their favorite destinations and receive positive energy!

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