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Music plays in the style of House Techno Trance dnb Quick Overview: In the wake of the radio Station 2.0 listen to the best compositions and songs from popular artists in the style: house, trance, vocal trance, drum & bass and techno. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Station 2.0 Frodio.
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Station 2.0 - online radio created by two professionals in the field of broadcasting with 20 years of experience, which today is already a part of a vast social project Frodio.
Andrei and Sergei Pimenov Gradoboev - these guys a few years ago offered to network users to listen to wave Station 2.0, starting with the rotation of only about 2 thousand songs of famous artists. Today the number has increased to several tens of times. If all this is not only the most recent trends of the music industry, but also the old, proven by many generations of music lovers hits from artists of world renown ( just listen and understand everything ).

Radio - "Station 2.0" fell into our filter electronic music is not accidental, because most of the music content is just electronic music. Here you will hear a variety of tracks completely different electronic fields. In particular, in the wake Stations 2.0 Frodio most songs sound style techno, house, trance, vocal trance, drum and bass, and several other of the most popular destinations in the electronics.

Apart from the above, the air station 2.0 are also a common feature of a variety of remixes of popular songs, and sometimes their originals ( extremely rare). It says only that he would soon get bored with this wave can not, because it has the broadest base of musical content.
Listen to radio station 2.0 Frodio online you can to anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet at any time since its broadcasting wave is around the clock, seven days a week. Thanks to our resource - radio portal - you can enjoy the ester in high quality for free. Moreover, in return we did not even ask for registration, giving the same opportunities to all our visitors ! Enjoy your favorite radio stations online with us!

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