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Music plays in the style of disco dance Quick Overview: Ukrainian radio station Party Hit Radio - broadcasting live songs dance music genres such as - europop and eurodance, and broadcast sound disco evrobit. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Party Hit Radio.
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Hit Party - Online Radio, which is broadcasting from Ukraine and has already won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of dance music lovers from all over the former Soviet Union and even some European countries. Listen Hit Party and thousands of other online radio stations you can on our portal

Musical content of this wave is quite bitty, but well balanced and quality at the highest professional level. It is mostly the music and direction, which enjoyed great popularity at the end of the last century. Of dance music content it is worth noting the frequent rotation of genres europop hits and eurodance, although it is also sound in ether and many other styles of music, particularly disco, Eurobeat and others. Complement the musical palette with the best hits of the last century Ukrainian and Russian pop.

Broadcasting radio Party Hit carries the clock and seven days a week, respectively, in the same mode Eve can listen to broadcast on our website.
Besides the music filling the air of the station also have been several opinion programs that will not annoy you with its frequency as rarely go, carrying only useful and relevant information, rather than pouring from a sieve.

Listen Party Hit online right now you can, in advance, of course, pressing «play» top of this page. To listen to your favorite stations you do not need to download anything or even register. Simply navigate through our portal, selecting those waves that you will like.

25.10.2017 Party Hit Radio — UA
Слухати Хіт Паті - українською
Слушать Party Hit Radio - на русском

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