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Music plays in the style of Techno Quick Overview: FM radio Technobase live broadcasts the best techno track from Germany, the constant rotation of tracks, you can hear all the hits of electronic music Techno. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Technobase FM.
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Technobase FM - online radio station, which a few years ago won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Germans, and recently gaining popularity worldwide. Listen Technobase FM will be those people who can not imagine their life in vivid colors without sound quality techno.

Radio Technobase FM

This direction of electronic music is the basis of this musical ether wave from the very beginning of development. Over many years of hflbj waves, local DJs and music editors have managed to amass a huge collection of music in their own style of techno, listen online which can now and we, ordinary users of the web, which came to a wonderful radio portal
Thanks to the enormous music collection daily playlist radio station is constantly changing, thus it does not bother ether and does not seem monotonous, that, in principle, ordinary and necessary to the listener. Only exceptions are the tracks that captivate the world charts. But listen to a hit several times a day - tolerance phenomenon.
Besides the music filling the air dance station Technobase FM listen on-line you can also transfer music and shows. However, broadcasting is conducted in German. But this find pluses techno music lovers who are also interested in learning the language.

As if there was not listening Technobase FM can only be because of the music, which is rotated. You can do this by pressing play on this page, and then continuously enjoy the local ether.
Listen to fm only good music without registration, because now, thanks to our portal, you got a free can!

18.02.2022 Radio Technobase FM music
Слухати Технобейс - українською
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