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Music plays in the style of dnb dance Quick Overview: Radio Pirate Station Russian St.Petersburg wave broadcasts live the best tracks of the popular styles of electronic music: drum and bass, hard dance, hard core. Listen to entire sets of electronic celebrities and just now - online.
Pirate Station.
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Pirate Station - Russian popular radiostation, which broadcasts in St. Petersburg. From recently Pirate Station you can listen online, as a wave passed and Internet broadcasting.

Pirate Station online

 Ether -based music radio station Pirate tracks constitute popular destinations, then you can hear the best composition : drum and bass, hard dance, hard core and other similar styles. Sound here only the best of the best tracks, the authors of which act as Russian DJs and sound producers from around the globe, whose fame spread around the world several times and even had time to get tired of such operations on the dance floor.

Can not but rejoice regular listeners, and eventually you just a huge local music broadcast. During the day, tracks practically repeated in the air, which means only one thing - Pirate Station Radio listen you do not get bored, if at all possible.

Quality music sounds both day and night. In the evening broadcast produce entire sets of celebrities that make even the most apathetic dance listener. Also drive station Doda many copyrighted music programs in which you can become acquainted with a certain musical direction or its representatives.

The Pirate Station radio

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11.08.2021 Radio Pirate Station - SPB RU
Слухати Піратська Станція - українською
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