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Music plays in the style of Techno dance Quick Overview: Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) broadcasts from San Francisco, United States best tracks in techno style listen vibrant intellectual and experimental dance music composition. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
IDM Intelligent Music.
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"IDM" — online radio, which is one of the channels online Soma FM. Full name of the station sounds like

Soma FM CliqHop IDM (Intelligent Dance Music)

Listen to radio IDM online you can use our resource — the biggest free radio portal on the territory of the former Soviet Union, who gathered for you in one place hundreds of the best stations from around the world.

Its continuous broadcasting station is in San Francisco, USA, since 2000.

Radio Soma FM, as well as online channel CliqHop IDM in particular, attracts listeners, primarily qualitatively selected playlists. On IDM listen online, you can clock the best tracks relating to experimental techno style that many refer to as intellectual dance music. In order to broadcast this wave hit only the best tracks direction, has a team of professional music editors that never cease to delight the audience with their work for more than ten years.
Also one of the factors that makes people want to

listen CliqHop IDM

, is the lack of advertising in the local air. The station has a non-profit in nature, and it allows her to not irritate his audience intrusive commerce.

Indulge in an intellectual pleasure, intelligent listening to music and you. On our portal you can hear on-line IDM free and even without registration. Enjoy your music without limits and enjoy the best radio stations world esters on!

23.11.2021 Radio IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) stations
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