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Music plays in the style of disco House Techno Quick Overview: Radio "Ibiza Sonica" translates different styles of electronic music live, then sound the best short tracks and entire sets of club music from the most famous music producers. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Ibiza Sonica radio.
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Ibiza Sonica - radio, leading broadcasting in the FM-band on the territory of warm and sunny Spain. Locals can listen Ibiza Sonica on frequency 95,2 FM.
But now the fiery rhythms of Ibiza radio listening can all comers, including us, the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union. As you may have guessed, do it and repeat every day you can on our portal bestradio.fm, per page, which, in fact, you are now caught. And yes, you can enjoy eyirom without registration and absolutely free.
Of course, also not difficult to guess what direction the music editors prefer radio stations broadcasting from famous for its partying Ibiza Town. This unconditionally electronics in their best forms. You will listen to short tracks and entire sets music producers whose names are familiar to every self-respecting clubbers at any point on our planet.

Say that there is only one music twist direction is impossible, since the local playlists and songs are full of representatives of various electronic styles. Despite the wide range of music, online radio like many people, because there are selected only the best and most relevant tracks.

There is also a variety of sound programs and transfer that to the domestic audience may have no interest because they are Hispanic. But if you are interested in or studying this language,

listen to the radio Ibiza Sonica online

for you will not only enjoyable but also rewarding occupation.

18.02.2022 Radio Ibiza Sonica music
Слухати Ібіца Соніка - українською
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